The silence of the flies


The silence of the flies takes place among small agricultural communities located in Venezuela's Andes region where suicides have become a very significant part of their everyday. The film explores through different cases the motives, the means, the places, and most important, the silence surrounding this delicate matter. Countries seem to ignore that several rural communities in Latin America face a sort of suicide 'outbreak' probably associated with the contradictions presented by cultural globalization. This is a documentary that challenges our prejudices about life in a rural environment.

The Silence of the Flies
Dir. Eliezer Arias
DoP Gerard Uzcategui
Length: 93min
Country: Venezuela
Year: 2013
Format: DCP – Color – 1:85

Awards • Festivals

ΞBest Cinematography • Moscow International Documentary film festival <DOKER> 2015Ξ

ΞOficial Selection· Cartagena Film Festival 2014Ξ

ΞOficial Selection · Guadalajara International film festtivalΞ

ΞOficial Selection · Havana Film Festival 2014Ξ

ΞOficial Selection· Toulouse Lantin America film festival 2014Ξ

ΞOficial Selection · Chicago Latino Film festival 2015Ξ