Faced with the loss of his father, the young Pedro Pérez Delgado (Maisanta), becomes the man of the house. To help support his mother and his sister, he start working for Coronel Macías, who betray his trust, because, while still married, dares to woo his sister Petra, dishonoring the family name, honor that his father asked him to defend at any cost. Among the most intense stories of love and betrayal the character of Maisanta is forged. The white boy with yellow hair, whom many called "The American" would then become legend, with his war cry Maisanta!

Dir. Miguel Delgado
Cinematographer Gerard Uzcategui
Length: 101 min
Country: Venezuela
Year: 2016
Format: DCP – Color – 2:35

Awards • Festivals

ΞBest Cinematography • Festival del Cine Venezolano 2017Ξ