Alma's life and Samuel runs on the moors where they have never left . Seeking a cure for Almas infertility, the couple arrives at the gates of an eccentric healer who is passing through the mountains. There, Samuel discovers he has a powerful and unexpected gift , helplessly and inexorably begins to change his life . Prisoner of his own fortune, Samuel embarks on a journey to more unpredictable territory of his own soul , facing a reality that he had never elected .

Dir. Cesar Lucena
Cinematographer Gerard Uzcategui
Length: 79 min
Country: Venezuela
Year: 2010
Format: 35mm – Color – 1:85

Awards • Festivals

ΞBest Debut film · Festival del Cine Venezolano 2011Ξ

ΞOficial Selection · Bogota Film Festival 2011Ξ